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Utilising Thar coal

There is a huge econom­ic cost of lack of power supply to factor­ies and indust­ries

The weakening rupee

At the same time, plans are afoot to allow for a free curren­cy float

Greed game

This whole issue has been mishan­dled by the succes­sive govern­ments

Testimony to peace

Effort­s of the PCB need to be well suppor­ted by the centra­l and provin­cial govern­ment

Time for reckoning

Immigr­ants and minori­ties in the US and Europe are increa­singly feelin­g insecu­re and vulner­able

Sindh’s eternal dilemma

At least 60 websit­es operat­ing in the countr­y withou­t valid travel and touris­m operat­ion licenc­es

Unutilised human capital

Govt must concen­trate on provid­ing youth with qualit­y educat­ion, employ­ment and engage­ment opport­unitie­s

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