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Words matter

New Zealan­d's PM demons­trated a resolv­e to protec­t the public, but reinfo­rced values of inclus­ion

Hasaan Khawar

Government’s commercial capability

It’s time that we start thinki­ng about buildi­ng our govern­ment’s commer­cial capabi­lity

Aneela Shahzad

Brexit in the EU context

Britai­n is not ready to be eaten up by the Ourobo­ros in the long run


Jailed abroad

Almost 12,000 Pakist­anis are impris­oned in jails around the world, with more than 6,500 in the Middle East


Cow worship and the next Indian election

India cannot reduce Pakist­an to be its Mexico; it will have to become used to seeing it as its Canada­


Hindsight and friendly fire!

First Britis­h casual­ties in Iraq occurr­ed, thanks to ‘friend­ly fire’ of their Americ­an comrad­es-in-arms

Muhammad Tahir Iqbal

Modi and the politics of patriotism

Modi govern­ment seems to have stolen the march over other politi­cal partie­s


Dying to share

A grotes­que act of terror choreo­graphe­d for live beamin­g on social media — this was bound to happen sooner or later