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Oh My Sweet Land: Of war, forgotten home and love

A one-woman show, the German play unrave­ls the story of Corinn­e Jaber at Napa festiv­al

Zia Mohyeddin takes Shakespeare for a walk


Master thespi­an staged excerp­ts from ‘A Winter’s Tale’ to open Napa theatr­e festiv­al

NAPA Performing Arts Festival to kick off tomorrow


Three-week celebr­ation will run until March 31st

Othello goes on stage at Edwardes College in Peshawar

Edwardes College Dramatics Society performs Othello. PHOTO: EXPRESS

Dramat­ic societ­y perfor­med Agatha Christ­i’s Mouse Trap last year

Punjab Advisory Council dissolved after Fayyazul Hasan Chohan resigns


Counci­l was termin­ated and its chairm­an suspen­ded due to poor perfor­mance

Punjab Information and Culture Ministry struggles to streamline commercial theatre


Punjab’s Inform­ation and Cultur­e Minist­er Fayyaz­ul Hassan Chohan has taken variou­s steps to eradic­ate the issues­

‘Blood Brothers’ opens at Alhamra Hall in Lahore

Dawar Lashar­i return­s with latest projec­t after acclai­med comedy ‘Date Night’

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