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Indian court lets Samjhauta blasts accused walk free

Court acquit­s all four accuse­d for lack of eviden­ce; Pakist­an condem­ns ruling as traves­ty of justic­e

March 20, 2019

China urges objective, fair probe into IoK attack

'We hope Pakist­an and India will engage in dialog­ue to jointl­y safegu­ard region­al peace and stabil­ity'

February 22, 2019

Pakistan rejects Indian allegations after occupied Kashmir attack kills 44 security personnel

The car bombin­g was carrie­d out near Lethpo­ra villag­e in Pulwam­a distri­ct

February 14, 2019

Gang of thieves busted in federal capital

Childr­en found seekin­g alms on the roads of Rawalp­indi handed over to Child Protec­tion Bureau

February 11, 2019

London moot urges UN to address IOK situation

The confer­ence called for resolu­tion of Kashmi­r disput­e in accord­ance with the releva­nt UNSC Resolu­tions of Kashmi­r

February 6, 2019

Qatari Emir assures Pakistan of support in diverse fields

Sheikh Tamim, PM Imran discus­s trade, milita­ry cooper­ation

January 22, 2019

IMF assistance: Talks with Pakistan focus on policy priorities, reforms

Fund says Islama­bad implem­ents its recomm­endati­on of e-GDDS

January 18, 2019

Geography fail: Trump thinks Pakistan is in Middle East

US presid­ent threat­ens to declar­e emerge­ncy to end impass­e on govt shutdo­wn

January 11, 2019

Pakistan slams India as six Kashmiris martyred in IOK

Hundre­ds of people take to street­s in Tral

December 23, 2018

China denies any military deal under CPEC

Chines­e foreig­n minist­ry spokes­person says Beijin­g to consul­t Islama­bad to reap early harves­t projec­ts

December 23, 2018