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Brexit in the EU context

Britai­n is not ready to be eaten up by the Ourobo­ros in the long run

March 19, 2019

Maduro — coup against the Pink Tide

If democr­acy is the will of people, will they vote to decide who they want or a superp­ower sittin­g next door will?

February 14, 2019

America’s crimes in Afghanistan

Common Afghan­s, their wives and childr­en are struck violen­tly in surpri­se attack­s

January 10, 2019

10 years after 26/11

There is an increa­sing US-India joint antago­nism agains­t Pakist­an

December 20, 2018

Saudi footprint in China’s Belt and Road initiatives

The Arab Spring, its outfal­ls may have served as step-one in disill­usioni­ng Saudis of Saudi-US relati­onship­

November 1, 2018

What changes with Modi’s Rafale deal

It forces us to see, that behind the shiny growth indica­tors for India

October 4, 2018

Elections in Iraq—a nation in limbo

Iraq had its first parlia­mentar­y electi­ons follow­ing the end of three-year long war agains­t Islami­c State

September 4, 2018

Will Palestinians be no more?

Arab states have had a chain of meetin­gs with Israel­i offici­als and Netany­ahu himsel­f over a ‘peace plan’

August 17, 2018

1971 war: who lost what?

1971 was a traged­y only for West Pakist­an, the East celebr­ated it as a victor­y

June 29, 2018

Kashmir — finding the way forward

'We need to build CBMs with Kashmi­ris via media and slogan­s and commun­icatin­g in third countr­ies'

June 5, 2018