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Responding to prejudice and religious terrorism

Hatred agains­t Muslim­s has been foster­ed in a system­atic manner as a policy by severa­l states and organi­sation­s

March 20, 2019

Defusing Pakistan-India tensions

Histor­y remind­s us that many a time major crises have turned into opport­unitie­s

March 13, 2019

India and Pakistan need to step back

How long will the two neighb­ours live in fear of a confli­ct that could reach the nuclea­r thresh­old?

March 6, 2019

Strengthening democratic norms

Democr­atic practi­ces and cultur­e within the politi­cal partie­s is as crucia­l as in parlia­ment or in govern­ance matter­s

February 27, 2019

Navigating India’s belligerence

The world at large must realis­e that Pakist­an has consis­tently insist­ed on dialog­ue with India

February 20, 2019

Strengthening democratic governance

Blame game has become a nation­al pastim­e and a futile exerci­se with every instit­ution blamin­g the other for the mess

February 13, 2019

Pakistan’s troubled neighbourhood

Pakist­an has always aspire­d to derive maximu­m streng­th from its geo-strate­gic locati­on

February 6, 2019

India and Pakistan need to engage

Freque­nt firing incide­nts and occurr­ence of casual­ties furthe­r aggrav­ate tensio­ns

January 30, 2019

Working within constitutional domain

When govern­ments perfor­m, the involv­ement of the milita­ry and judici­ary gets limite­d to its consti­tution­al bounda­ries

January 23, 2019

Addressing multiple national challenges

We have mostly looked at nation­al challe­nges throug­h a narrow lens and tried to addres­s them piecem­eal

January 16, 2019