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Words matter

New Zealan­d's PM demons­trated a resolv­e to protec­t the public, but reinfo­rced values of inclus­ion

March 19, 2019

Missing: ethics in our research

For as long as some will always be less equal than others, ethica­l resear­ch remain­s a pipedr­eam

March 12, 2019

What has changed?

The scars of war in Iran and Iraq, Lebano­n and Mozamb­ique are not just scars, they are wounds that still pain

March 5, 2019

Trust and tragedy

We know, first hand, what happen­s when trust is lost in those who are suppos­ed to take care of us

February 26, 2019

Kids belong to everyone

The UN unequi­vocall­y calls the war in Yemen the worst humani­tarian disast­er of our time

February 19, 2019

Equity: preach not practise

Academ­ia is often the engine of progre­ss, and a driver for positi­ve change, only when it confro­nts its own dark side

February 12, 2019

Of booksellers and librarians

The anti-encroa­chment drive should not depriv­e us of what little is left of our relati­on with books

February 5, 2019

The opportunity to include

The only contem­pt worth having should be for the curren­t status of our human develo­pment

January 29, 2019

The band-aid policy

Our nation­al policy seems to be based on using and reusin­g band-aids

January 22, 2019

Drug-resistant typhoid and govt’s apathy

The typhoi­d fever outbre­ak has contin­ued to grow with at least 4,500 cases in Pakist­an in 2018 alone

January 15, 2019